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Naughty Dog has released the extended E3 gameplay walkthrough from their upcoming PS4 action adventure title Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. “Our E3 press conference demo literally left Drake hanging and with good cause. We wanted to give attendees of E3 a treat and show them if Sully and Drake ever caught up to Nathan’s brother, Sam, in time. The reaction was pretty fantastic”, said Naughty Dog in a statement. “Now, for everyone not able to see it at the show, for those who missed our Twitch broadcast earlier today, or for those who just want to watch it again and again, here it is.” Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End takes place several years after his last adventure. Now retired fortune hunter, Nathan Drake, is forced back into the world of thieves. With the stakes much more personal, Drake embarks on a globe-trotting journey in pursuit of a historical conspiracy behind a fabled pirate treasure. His greatest adventure will test his physical limits, his resolve, and ultimately what he’s willing to sacrifice to save the ones he loves. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will be careening into your living room in 2016. SOURCE

Elena needs to dump Drake. Like, seriously, get rid of him, girl.
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"It’s bittersweet but at a certain point you want to go out on top. If this is the last one indeed, and I believe it’s the last one - nothing’s confirmed, but I believe it’s the last one Naughty Dog wants to do, in which case I hope somebody else doesn't pick up the mantle because they've done it so well for so long - but yeah, it’s one of those things where you just have to cross that bridge when you get to it. I like the idea of going out on top so we better do a hell of a job with this one… and it’s already looking pretty good." [SOURCE: 1, 2]
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Sony has announced Uncharted 3, LBP Karting, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown will join the PS Plus Instant Game collection in Europe and North America next week. Replacing LittleBigPlanet 2 is Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (single-player); replacing inFamous 2 is LittleBigPlanet Karting, and replacing Motorstorm Apocalypse is XCOM: Enemy Unknown for the next 12 months.

It all starts next week, and if you don’t have a Plus account yet, you can pick one up for £39.99/$49.99 – which is less than the price of a new game. [SOURCE]
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Could Naughty Dog already be hard at work on Uncharted 4? Find out why some think the studio is already working on the latest adventures of Nathan Drake, and when one retailer expects the Uncharted 4 release date to arrive.

It hasn't even been two years since Nathan Drake last graced a PlayStation console, in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, but new rumors have more than a few Uncharted fans wondering just how long they'll be forced to wait for the Uncharted 4 release date.

Though the franchise remained conspicuously absent from the PlayStation 4 unveiling, despite an appearance by fellow Naughty Dog project , many fans are beginning to wonder if the Uncharted 4 release date could be revealed next week during E3 2013. Outside of the general hope that Nathan Drake's ultra-cinematic adventures will find a home on Sony's next PlayStation, several recent updates to the Naughty Dog Jobs page have fans wondering if Uncharted 4 might already be in-development at the Santa Monica studio.

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It would appear Drake's Deception may have been the last Uncharted game after all.'s forums for discussion on the Last of Us linked a video detailing the facial and character animation for characters like Joel and Ellie and came across an interesting post.

In the video described, a disembodied developer working on the Last of Us says and I quote: "Now that the Uncharted series is over, we had the opportunity to re-evaluate certain things {X}.

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Naturally, Naughty Dog hasn't outright made an official statement reflecting the statements of the developer (unless I missed it somewhere down the line of my hiatus) and I have a feeling they probably won't unless they know they can make bank on something else altogether (like The Last of Us). However, if it does turn out to be true, what say you on the matter?
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Our community has embraced the UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Free-to-Play and our player base continues to grow. We are stoked to witness that growth and see UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer being played fanatically in countries all over the world.

Keeping our global perspective strong our May DLC drop is themed around country flags. In the USA Memorial Day happens to fall at the end of May. We are globally celebrating and honoring Memorial Day with our Patriotic themed character parts for your custom UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer characters. Pledge your allegiance to your country by purchasing some of our Patriotic DLC parts available when the PS Store updates in your region:

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