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It would appear Drake's Deception may have been the last Uncharted game after all.'s forums for discussion on the Last of Us linked a video detailing the facial and character animation for characters like Joel and Ellie and came across an interesting post.

In the video described, a disembodied developer working on the Last of Us says and I quote: "Now that the Uncharted series is over, we had the opportunity to re-evaluate certain things {X}.

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Naturally, Naughty Dog hasn't outright made an official statement reflecting the statements of the developer (unless I missed it somewhere down the line of my hiatus) and I have a feeling they probably won't unless they know they can make bank on something else altogether (like The Last of Us). However, if it does turn out to be true, what say you on the matter?
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Setting our expectations about what a story is going to be is important to storytelling. The Uncharted series sometimes fails to meet the expectations that it establishes for its players.

An implicit promise of storytelling is the concept that the beginning of the story sets up the expectations of the audience with regards to tone, basic concept, and generally the broad strokes of the areas that that story will and will not cover. It’s not so much a rule rather than just how things work. It’s why a creator spends so much time with the beginning of a work over the middle. First impressions matter because it tells so much of what is yet to come. It tells us what to expect and puts us in the right frame of mind for what is to come. Works that betray such a promise feel shoddy, unfocused, or an overall mess. Sometimes without anything being technically wrong with anything that comes afterwards.

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WHENEVER Naughty Dog gets around to returning to Uncharted, I've one question to ask: Do you want to see the series continued or would rather it end at U3? I'm simply wondering because the general reception here at the community was largely of disappointment and failed expectations (among other things). If you wanted to see another Uncharted sequel, where do you think they can take the story of Nathan Drake and his compadres next? Whom would like to see utilized more or better they have been so far in the franchise; what gameplay elements do you think they can improve or use more?
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Author's Disclaimer: I bring you a very interesting read for people who might not have gotten what Naughty Dog did with Uncharted 3. It's also a very strong reason as to why I love this game so much.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was, to put it mildly, pretty well-received. Less known for innovating and more known for wrapping all the elements of its gameplay and narrative into a sleek package, the title proved that on a purely technical level, being a master of all trades isn’t quite as important as bringing gameplay and narrative together in a seamless fashion. It was flawed, to be sure, but an impressive accomplishment.

So Naughty Dog had their work cut out for them with Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. It was a game with enough pre-release hype that it felt like the months leading up to Metal Gear Solid 2 all over again. Drake’s Deception couldn’t possibly live up to the hype. To many, it did. To others, not so much. Naughty Dog’s ability to tell a story while seamlessly weaving it in and out of gameplay is still unparalleled. But the toned down story of Drake’s Deception itself meant that series-defining traits stood at odds with the story that needed to be told, versus the story that the some of its audience expected.

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Okay, wow, not only did I think this game was coming out on the eleventh of November, the bloody thing has been out for eight days already. *cries* I am a bad moderator! (how I loathe RL and the The Immortals right now).

In other news Nate/Elena have a tumblr account now. So much Pretty for our OTP.

So really, as a means to appease, for those who've purchased the game:

  • What do you all think of it so far?
  • How is the story and the character progression/development?
  • Is Catherine Marlowe the definitive Uncharted villain or just better than her predecessors?
  • Is the Online + Multiplayer or Single Player campaign? improved over the previous?
  • The 3D? Was it worth it or not?

Overall if you want to use this thread to discuss or gush about the game, you can. Spoilers aren't outlawed, but if you feel the need to warn anyone just leave "SPOILER" in the subject bar of the comments. Apologies about the lack of activity, folks.
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Not sure if this would go here or not, but I was at one of the closing BORDERS bookstores in downtown Boston today and they (to my surprise) had a huge amount of copies of the Uncharted 2 soundtrack.  I had never seen it in that store before so I don't know whether I overlooked it in all the times I was there (even before they were closing) or they pulled all their stock from the back while they are in their last days of selling.

At 70% off it cost me less than 5 dollars.

There were also tons of copies of the God of War III, HALO and inFamous soundtracks there as well.

I suspect that larger BORDERS that aren't already closed may have this too if you're looking to pick one up.  Just thought I'd pass it along since I wandered in not expecting to see anything I was interested in.
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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
has been well-received in all quarters. Well, except for by Xbox 360 owners eager to pee on any PS3 exclusive that comes along, no matter how good it may be. But it seems not everyone is so enamored with some aspects of the game, with a possible backlash beginning with a rant about the lackluster storyline.

Uncharted 2 is currently sat at number two on the Metacritic chart for PS3 games with a score of 96 percent. It’s only being beaten by GTA IV, making it the top PS3 exclusive. The visuals and gameplay are nigh-on perfect, of that there is no doubt. But is all this goodness rendered pointless by a generic and disappointing narrative?

Dual Shockers believes so, calling out Uncharted 2 for its story and ending, both of which left the writer feeling disillusioned.

Does Gary Marston have a point? Is the storyline the one aspect of Uncharted 2 that fails to deliver? In a word, no. At least not in my personal opinion. Sure, it may be very reminiscent of countless other adventure books, films, and games, but show me a truly original concept in this day and age and I’ll give you a peanut. They’re very few and far between.

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I'm not sure how many --- or any of you, actually --- actually watch anything on CBS, but I was watching Ghost Whisperer (The Jennifer Love Hewitt Produced series) and you will not believe who I saw on tonight's episode! ...Okay maybe you can [points to header title].

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